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Got a few uninterrupted minutes to spare? Do you love playing online card puzzle games? If yes, you must have tried classic card games like Solitaire or Patience. It's a time for individual mental reflection and indeed a spot of patience as you try to make a clean sweep of all four suits!

If you are looking for a classic Solitaire game with a twist, online then try our free app. King of Solitaire and spend quality fun time on your device.

King of Solitaire is designed by University of Games. Our developer team has worked hard to maintain the regal spirit of the classic card game Solitaire within an arcade game look. It is a self-explanatory easy-to-play game involving the understanding of next card move strategy, playing skill, and a sprinkling of luck!

The app King of Solitaire uses clear and sharp high resolution images to provide all users with a unique real world gameplay! Take a look at it's friendly features:
- Brilliant user interface,
- A lot of modes: Draw 1 card, Draw 3 card, Vegas Scoring,
- You can play the game in either Portrait or Landscape view,
- One touch gameplay,
- Statistics icon displays a synopsis of your card playing performance including total time spent, games won/lost, total moves, moves/game, average time/game, & best time, etc.
- Option menu toggles sound on/off, and app notifications for reading about / enabling updates. Also provides detail of score/time/moves.
- Become a VIP allows you to experience more access to features and benefits.

Download the app and start enjoying online solitaire with a twist! Whether or not you have previously enjoyed spider solitaire, Freecell, or other famous Patience variants, King of Solitaire will offer you a regal gaming experience, unlike other card game apps you have enjoyed until now!

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